The boat was actually Plan C, the church was Plan B, and Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.

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❀ about me ❀


name: abbie

age: twenty four

birthday: july thirtieth

zodiac: leo

single or taken: single

height: 5’2”

eye colour: hazel/green

middle name: chloe

favorite color: purple

lucky number: 30, 7


hogwarts house [x]: hufflepuff

favourite fictional character: I hate choosing favourites! I don’t have just one.. um, ben wyatt, mindy lahiri, izzie stephens, george o’malley, april kepner, blaine anderson, miranda, jessica day, castiel, daenerys targaryen, arya stark and I mean, there’s more but let’s not make this too long. I love all the characters

favourite television show: be warned, this could get long. again I don’t have just one! It changes all the time. I’m obsessed with miranda, mmfd and parks and rec but I also adore grey’s anatomy, spn, glee, the mindy project, new girl, community, downton abbey, call the midwife, sherlock, dr who, pll, ouat, awkward and older shows (which I don’t watch as often) including himym, friends, scrubs, veronica mars, and pushing daises. I also watch dance moms and other ‘reality’ tv type things. there’s more but basically, I like a lot of shows is what we’re getting from this

favourite season: summer!

describe yourself in a few words: quiet, people pleaser, scared, strong (I hope!), introvert, loyal, loving

future children’s names: meredith (merrie)-rose, or like izzie or isabella for a girl, for boy I quite like derek, or blaine 

meaning of your name:  her father’s joy

ultimate otp: jim/pam, rae/finn, klaine, ben/leslie, ned/chuck, danny/mindy, nick/jess, destiel, miranda/gary - I have a ship in most of the shows I watch so, yeah, there’s a lot

what do you plan to/do for a living:  plan to (realistically) work with children in some capacity. maybe like a ta for kids with sen. (not so realistically) actress or singer but like pipe dream

starbucks order:  I don’t drink coffee, so there’s that, but caramel frappuchinos are awesome, or (not that I’ve had one cos I hardly ever go to starbucks) chai tea latte


introvert or extrovert: introvert

dawn or dusk: dusk

righty or lefty: righty

coffee or tea: tea 

rain or shine: shine

reading or writing: reading

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'shut up. dance it out!'

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I’m just a soldier.

Bitch, please!

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pushing daisies meme five characters [1/5]
» ned the piemaker

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So, I’m still here. And so’s Archie. And he’s still gorgeous.

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